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OVO Farm Fresh is one of the most advanced layer farms in India, committed to providing its customers with the highest quality eggs possible.OVO Farm Fresh is located in the beautiful rural expanse of Balangir, known for its temperate climate, clean air, and excellent water quality.


The good humble egg is a gift of nature which is virtually impossible to tamper with. So, wondering how OVO Farm Fresh eggs are different from ordinary eggs? The answer lies in the advanced processes we follow in our farm.

About Us


We the

OVO People

In our two decades of poultry farming, we have expanded in leaps and bounds but our fundamentals lie in our approach to business, and that be of a small farmer and it would always be. This attitude keeps us closer to our flocks. That’s why we have empowered our people by giving them ownership of barns to motivate them to work as farmers rather than employees.

OVO Farm Fresh Quality

Egg production has changed over the years in India. With the changing times, OVO Farm Fresh has gained extensive expertise in innovative poultry farm processes and researches to improve chicken well-being, food safety, and protect the environment.


We follow rigorous sanitary control under the European Standards to prevent our flocks from diseases and spread further in the environment.


We have laid the infrastructure for an advanced and fully automated farm where ventilation, flock feeding, and egg collection processes are computer-controlled.

Why choose

OVO Farm fresh eggs

•  Hygienic  •  UV treated  •  Antibiotic free

•  Vegetarian Feed  •  Carotenoids added


Freshness, uniformity and shelf life of eggs depend on several hygiene factors. We take great care to ensure maximum hygiene by

• Keeping closed houses for dirt-free eggs
• Automated egg collection. No human contact
• Optimum temperature in the egg storages

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NH-26, Jamsar - 767065, Balangir, Odisha -India

+91-6652-280023, 280032,  +91-9178935333