Know why Ovo Farm Fresh stands out among others

There are plenty of egg farms in India and not only in India, worldwide too. There are many parameters
in which the credibility of the farm is measured. Some follow those parameters and some don’t. It is
actually hard to differentiate between most of the farms. But at Ovo Farm, we maintain full
transparency about our procedures and methods. Be it security measures or quality of the feed,
everything is closely monitored and taken care of with utmost sincerity.



#AreYouSure the eggs you consume come from healthy birds?

At many places the feed of flocks are not determined and the quality is not taken care of. But in Ovo
Farm we put our hearts into our birds, and make sure they receive high quality vegetarian feed with
antibiotic free farming. The hallmark internal control ensures antibiotic free farming at Ovo. High-quality vegetarian feed developed in farm and birds kept in clean automatic temperature controlled closed farm. Our hens are hale and hearty and disease-free which ensures our eggs are safe and have rich quality. To make certain that our flocks are free from respiratory infections and diseases, we conduct lab tests every fortnight. Hygiene is maintained when there is zero human-touch. From farm to your kitchen, Ovo eggs are completely untouched by human hands. The state-of-the-art farming technology with fully automated machinery ensures complete computer-controlled ventilation, flock feeding and egg collection that keeps the flock safe from contamination. In fact, it is our technology that has brought us recognition from several food safety authorities of India.


#AreYouSure about the freshness of the eggs you buy?

When you buy eggs do you know the expiry dates? No?
We maintain a transparent relationship with our customers by printing the date expiry dates on the eggs and packet to help you decide before you buy and always deliver the best to them. We believe in
providing the best to our consumers.


#AreYouSure the eggs you consume are not contaminated?

While purchasing eggs people always think of the quality of the eggs but do they know if they actually come from healthy hens and importantly safe environment? Keeping this concern in mind, all we strive to contain any kind of contamination and take necessary steps to control it.
At Ovo Farm we have automated egg collections and regular cleaning and UV treatment of eggs. We
have Zero human contact process.
• Keeping closed houses for dirt-free eggs
• Automated egg collection with Zero human contact
• Optimum temperature in the egg storage units
• Routine Measures
• High-Risk Measures



#AreYouSure the eggs you consume come from a hygienic farm?

We, at Ovo, are an ardent follower of rigorous sanitary control under the European Standards. The Bio-
security measure we follow helps prevent the flocks from any kind of diseases and further spread in the environment. Freshness, Uniformity and Long time period define Ovo Farm Fresh eggs. We take every possible step to make sure maximum hygiene so as to stay our quality consistent. European Standard sanitary control & Bio security measures to prevent the flocks from any kind of diseases.
• Have clean water and clean containers and make sure that the water is changed every day
• Ensure that the source of food and the food is clean and healthy
• Have a proper supply of calcium and other minerals required for the healthy-being of flocks
• Keep the surroundings as clean as possible which ensure healthy birds
• Focus on hygiene management and disease outbreak
• Check the birds daily and vaccinate them for disease prevention


#AreYouSure the eggs you consume come from disease-free hens?

Being healthy and hygienic is our only motto and we care for our flocks like no other.
We have employed strict bio-security measures for decades to keep their flocks healthy and protect
hens from disease.
Viruses that are harmful to birds are often carried and spread unknowingly on clothes and footwear,
vehicles and equipment. To limit the prospect for disease to be brought onto the farm, only employees and approved service providers are allowed.
We disinfect all vehicles, footwear and equipment upon entry on the farm or into a barn. We also limit
the movement of personnel, vehicles or equipment between different farms when possible.
Hand-washing or hand-sanitizing stations are getting used at the entrances of the many egg farms.
OUR Happy flocks Freedom from hunger and thirst: Our hens have quick access to water and a diet, in order that they stay healthy and filled with vigor.
Freedom from discomfort: We offer our hens with an environment that's safe and cozy, including shelter and resting areas.
Freedom from pain, injury and disease: Our hens are raised to attenuate chances of disease. When they show any symptoms of disease, they are diagnosed and treated quickly.
Freedom to precise natural behavior: Because they need enough space, proper facilities and therefore
our birds are ready to adapt natural behavior.
Freedom from fear and distress: We don’t subject our birds to any kind of stress or suffering.


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