The humble egg is one of the true miracles of nature and probably the most versatile of all foods in the world.

Eggs are one of the healthiest and tastiest power foods of nature. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that, one small egg can contain all the required vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy and nutritious diet. Eggs not only give the strength needed for sustaining through day-to-day life, but it also keeps the brain active throughout.

Did you know that boiled eggs contain activated vitamin A that plays a major role in converting food into energy?

There are many other surprising facts related to eggs. Wanna know?

  1. Eggs don’t have any carbohydrate content in them.

There is zero sugar in eggs which helps the body to feel active and never makes them feel full after eating them. Eggs are considered to be fantastic in weight loss diets like keto as they can regulate a lot of the essential nutrients required by the body on a regular basis while keeping someone full. They have a very low-carb content; high protein content makes them delicious in taste, and eggs are full of good fats and nutrients required for having a healthy body.

What is the precise carbohydrate content in an egg?

A large egg-like the OVO fresh farm egg has around 0.45 grams of carbohydrate in it. One has to eat dozens of eggs to surpass the recommended daily carb limit.

So, if someone is worried about having carbs, then eggs are the best option to go for. Eggs are very useful for health and calorie-conscious people as they contain almost 8 grams of protein and 90 calories per serving,

The pleats in the traditional chef hat that the Chefs wear regularly symbolize the number of ways a chef can cook an egg.

Generally, the Chef uniform comprises a Chef coat white in color which epitomizes professionalism, discipline, and cleanliness.

But the question arises why the old-school Chef’s hat is toque shaped with pleats?

The pleated shape of the toque blanche chef’s hat basically represents the skills and rank of the Chef in the hotel or restaurant. The pleats in a chef’s hat basically talk about the number of ways a chef can cook an egg.100 pleats is the ultimate goal of a chef and is perceived as a badge of honor denoting the experience, skill, and rank of a chef and is widely respected in the food circle.

The height of the hat is also important apart from the pleats, the higher and taller the toque, the ranking is also higher and indicates that the chef is more knowledgeable and has a very important ranking.

3. The eggshell colour doesn’t indicate the egg’s nutritional value or flavour of the egg.

Different shades of egg yolk(https://bit.ly/3JbyTN9)

The colour of the eggshell mostly indicates the breed of the hen that has laid the egg. The average colour of eggshells is meant as a representation of a healthy egg. Eggshell is made up of calcium carbonate, which is derived from the bone of the mother hen.

 Calcium carbonate of eggshells makes up 9-12 percent of the egg weight. The shell generally has 7 to 17,000 tiny pores which allow moisture to pass through the egg. The outermost layer which is also called the bloom or cuticle helps in keeping out the bacteria and dirt from an egg.

4. The colour of the yolk is determined by the diet of the hen.

Different shades of egg yolk(https://bit.ly/3JbyTN9)

The dark colour of egg yolks is derived from carotenoids. A natural ingredient present in some plant carotenoids enhances the deep colour of the eggs. The deep orange colour found in OVO egg yolks is because of the presence of a carotenoid-rich diet in the hen’s feed. When the hen’s feed is a combination of animal-based proteins, insects, grain-based ingredients, and vegetables, the colour of the egg yolk is enhanced. Therefore, the presence of carotenoids in the hen’s feed is majorly responsible for affecting the colour of the egg yolk.

5. The marigold petals put by the farmers in the hen’s feed generates a brighter yolk colour of the egg. 

Yellow-orange pigments in a feed given to hens determine the dense colour of egg yolks. The feed of the chicken should not have any artificial colouring as per the standard procedures of good egg production, but it has been found that many farmers add yellow and orange marigold petals in the feed of the chicken to boost the colour of the egg yolk.

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