Eggs can be prepared in variety of ways because of their versatile nature

Eggs: A Versatile Food

An egg humbly performs myriad culinary functions without being noticed. It’s a little gluten-free seed, packed with protein, riboflavin, selenium, and is the most modest kitchen staple for ages. There are endless possibilities of how eggs can enhance the taste of any dish.

One might wonder, “What makes eggs so special in the cooking process?”

Eggs being versatile and easy to cook have many usages in the kitchen. They are used to bind, thicken, glaze, leaven or garnish any dish. Eggs can easily become the centre of any dish or be a great blending agent.  Apart from being versatile and quick cooking, the protein of the egg is both high in quality and low in cost making it a viable option for healthy and balanced nutrition. They sometimes have a star role in a meal, for example in omelette and quiches as the magic ingredient that gives soufflés their fluff. Eggs with the right amount of chili, sauce, curry, and various red sauces can be served with any exotic dish.

Eggs blended with flour for making a desserts

Eggs form the base for airy, light meringues and hearty casseroles. They act as a binder in baked goods, bread, and meatloaves. They enhance pastries with an attractive shine and glaze. Eggs have so many usages that have been featured in most of the well-known chefs’ cookbooks. Can you think of any dishes with eggs as the main ingredient?

Deep orange yolk eggs are delicious in taste and hence can be blended into delicious pancakes, waffles, fluffy foam, custards, mayonnaise, etc. They also have a variety of usage in baking meringues and cakes. There are endless possibilities of how eggs enhance the taste of any dish.

Many five-star and seven-star hotels like Morrison, ensure that they use only fresh farm eggs and pesticide-free eggs for their premium dishes as these eggs have rich protein and low sodium content. Eggs being a favourite with the chefs are featured in many retro dishes such as baked vegetable quiches, shakshuka, and many more. Devil eggs blended with sweet peas or smoked salmon and herbs are a favourite among many people.

Did you know that there are a few interesting theories behind the invention of some popular egg dishes like the Eggs Benedict? Supposedly, a Wall Street financier Legrand Benedict’s wife was disappointed with the menu at a famous restaurant Delmonico’s, and soon concocted her own dish that we recognize as Eggs Benedict!

Chefs decorating dishes with eggs

The renowned French chef Jacques Pepin once said that an egg is probably one of the greatest foods that we can have in the kitchen, whether we cook it by itself or combine it into a souffle or custard, it’s difficult to live without eggs. Famous chef Dawn Forsberg has said that he likes to top dishes with a fried egg, be it burgers, ramen, or Mexican food. The versatile nature of an egg makes it a favourite among many of the top chefs across the globe.

One of the best things about eggs besides being so versatile is that they are easy on the pocket. Most of the time they become a filling and nutritious meal option for all sections of society, especially for people with a limited budget. Eggs being the pinnacle of super-foods, has always been an essential part of our diets. Nutritious eggs contain high amounts of protein, lutein, and chlorine, and good HDL cholesterol responsible for reducing hypertension and many other diseases.

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