Advanced automated machinery used to avoid human interaction at OVO Farm

Good egg production practices and how OVO is world-class in this process

The primary function of the egg industry is fresh egg production. Fresh farm eggs are primary sources of quality proteins, minerals, and vitamins needed for balanced and healthy nutrition.

Keeping the poultry fowl healthy is vital to obtaining healthy eggs. Many alternative feeding strategies are being considered and incorporated in the diet of laying hens to improve their gut health to enhance their productive performance to improve egg quality.

Earlier poultry farming had many non-standard procedures. With the advent of modern technology and mechanical advantages in the 21st century, today fresh farm eggs are produced more rapidly and with better quality.

The poultry farm industry in India varies from modern mechanized and automated production plants to basic backyard poultry farming. Breed of the chicken, age of the bird, mortality rate, laying house, body weight, feed, and the lighting schedule are the most important factors which affect the egg production process in a poultry farm.

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It is common knowledge that healthy chicken produces healthy eggs. But how can a poultry farm ensure the wellbeing of the birds as well as achieve a good yield of eggs with minimal defects?

To maximise egg production and minimize defects, a standardized and good egg production process is adopted by modern laying farms. A standardized egg production process not only helps in yielding less defective eggs but also ensures the wellbeing of the birds.

Modern layer farms adhering to the good egg production process, are built taking climatic factors into consideration. It helps protect the birds from direct sunlight, excessive wind, rain, predation, cold, and heat. Egg production is stimulated by light, so as per the standardized procedure, artificial lighting is used to ensure that the laying duration is optimum.

The feed given to poultry birds is also an important factor for a good egg production process. Their feed should be a mix of animal-based proteins, insects, vegetable and grain-based ingredients, and feeding the birds only grain-based commercial feed should be avoided.

OVO Farm is one poultry farm brand that has incorporated modern techniques in technology & machinery in all its farms. OVO has constantly evolved with the changing times. Starting from a back-country poultry farm to an expert chicken housing farm with state-of-the-art technology and with innovative processes, OVO Farm has evolved at every stage.

Advanced automated used to avoid human interaction at OVO Farm Source:

OVO Farm has maintained the highest standards of safety and quality and has expanded its fundamental approach towards poultry over the last two decades.

The parameters of a good egg production process at the OVO Farm are: –

Good Feed: –

The standardized approach of the good egg production process is strictly followed in the OVO Farms. The highest quality of combination feed is provided to the chickens and eggs of the OVO farms, to increase the nutritional value of the eggs. The birds at OVO farms are fed with the highest quality vegetative feed which helps ensure antibiotic-free farming in its farms.

Hygiene: –

European standards of safety and quality are strictly adhered to ensuring that hygiene is not compromised at OVO Farm. To control diseases among the flock, the cleanliness and sanitization of the living quarters are regularly monitored. Biosecurity measures and rigorous sanitary control measures prescribed under the European standards are strictly followed here to protect the flock from all kinds of contamination and diseases.

Modern and Automated Technology: –

OVO Farm has a zero human touch policy with fully automated machinery to contain the transmission of diseases. Sanitization, flock feeding, automated egg collection, controlled ventilation are all monitored through computers to ensure the safety of the flock from contamination in the farms.

Barns are well built at OVO Farm to protect the birds from, direct sunlight, predation, rain, excessive wind, heat, and cold. It is ensured that the poultry is not caged in cramped spaces.

Fresh Packaging: –

OVO’s farm eggs are carefully examined and stored before the packaging process. Modern methods of packaging are used to ensure less breakage of the eggs, maintain their freshness, and increase shelf life. European standards of packaging are one of the parameters distinguishing OVO Farm eggs from regular eggs.

Egg Quality: –

OVO’s farm eggs are of the highest quality which has their freshness and uniformity intact having a greater shelf life than regular eggs. OVO Farm eggs provide more nutrition than regular eggs and are 20% bigger than regular eggs.

OVO Farm has received recognition from various food safety authorities of the country for its egg production practices. So, whenever you want to buy fresh eggs with packaging, do reckon the healthy platter of OVO Farm Eggs is known for its nutritional value because your family deserves more.

OVO Farm Eggs packaging conforms to the European Standards for the highest quality and freshness Source:


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