Fresh farm eggs have been an integral part of our diet for many centuries and for good reason. Eggs are some of the most nutrition-packed food that contains an optimum mix of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and necessary fatty acids in the right quantities. No wonder these super-foods are often recommended, for building the body mass of bodybuilders and to be included in the regular diet of growing children and pregnant ladies. Doctors and nutritionists globally agree that eggs for nutrition are amongst the best solutions for recovery of strained body muscles, regulating blood pressure, maintaining a steady heart rate as well as weight loss in some cases.
OVO Farm Fresh is one of the most advanced egg poultry farms with the fully automated sophisticated technology in India. The dark yellow yolk eggs from OVO farms are of superior quality and known for their freshness, uniformity, and good hygiene. That said, are OVO Farm Eggs truly different from regular eggs? Let’s find out!

1. Based on Physical Appearance
OVO Farm Eggs are 20% bigger in size than regular store-bought eggs. They are also uniform in size and the utmost care is taken to keep them very hygienic. The strict European standards adopted by OVO ensure that safety is never compromised and that the hens are healthy and disease-free which ensures that the eggs are safe and have rich quality. Since the fowl here are fed a non-antibiotic vegetative feed, the egg yolk is thicker and has a darker yellow shade than that of regular eggs.

2. Based on the Nutritional Value
Since OVO Farm Eggs are bigger in size, naturally the nutrition provided by these eggs is more than that of regular eggs. OVO Farm Eggs have added carotenoids due to the rich variety of vegetarian feed for the chicken and the eggs are also enriched with antioxidants. When you buy farm eggs of OVO, you take home with you nutrition-rich food packed with a variety of vitamins (Vitamins A, D, E, K), proteins, beta carotene, minerals, and essential fatty acids (Omega-3). Because of the varied diet of OVO chicken, they produce more fatty acids and carotene in their eggs when compared to of regular eggs. Carotenoids have immense health benefits as they help in maintaining the wellbeing of your eyes, heart, and skin. They are also known to help in increasing the immunity and fertility of the human body.

3. Based on Technology
OVO Farm has state-of-the-art technology with fully automated machinery to ensure complete computer-controlled ventilation, flock feeding, and egg collection. This ensures that the health of the chicken is monitored with zero human touch and reduced chances of contamination. Due to such precautionary measures, OVO Farm Eggs have maximum hygiene, uniformity, freshness, and longer shelf life in comparison to regular eggs. At OVO farms, the optimum temperature is maintained for storing eggs which are kept in closed houses for dirt-free eggs.

4. Based on Sanitation & Storage
It is universally agreed that the living conditions of the poultry greatly affect their eggs laying frequency and quality. So, OVO Farm takes the utmost precautions when storing eggs and sanitizing their egg poultry farms to prevent any chance of salmonella infections and other forms of diseases. They also have a good drainage system, clean drinking water for poultry, an enclosed feeding system, and well-defined boundary as routine measures. Fully automated technology ensures that the ambient temperature is always maintained reducing the risk of any form of contamination in eggs. So we can be sure that OVO Farm Eggs are safe for consumption.

4. Other differentiating factors
OVO Farm Eggs come with an expiration date printed on the shells, which will keep the customers informed on when to cook the eggs before they are spoilt. Thereby, reducing wastage as well as preventing the ill consequences of consuming rotten food. The packaging in which the eggs are sold is of European standards which make it one of the best in the country.
So the next time you are looking for fresh eggs with packaging or farm egg stores in Odisha, be assured that you can avail the best eggs there are from OVO Farm which will provide you with more nutrition and more health.


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