Kenko Nutri Club: Encouraging an ‘Eggitarian’ lifestyle

Members of a newly-formed nutrition club can be found eating figs, pears, apples, and other healthy snacks, sometimes even discussing ways of keeping fit through an upcoming season of festivities. So, the motto remains consistent, and the motivation is far from lacking in the first few months. But what next? At Kenko Nutri Club, the company hopes to brainstorm ways to tackle the topic of healthy eating and help you discover the importance of high protein eggs.

Introduction to Kenko Nutri Club and the Kenko product

Kenko and its range of hygienic egg products are perfect for people who realise the need for healthy and nutritious eating. Thus, through Kenko Nutri Club, the company hopes to connect people who have similar lifestyle goals and hope to lead a healthy life. It is a means to educate people about the value of positive eating habits. According to experts, the possibility of bringing nutrition awareness to people is not only exciting, but is also a great way of filling the gap in the community – a topic that nobody focuses on enough.

During a brief interaction, the behind the brand openly discussed how sometimes people want to be healthy, but don’t know how to make good food choices. The misleading advertisements and the idea of only looking at the calorie count have become the only indications of how healthy a food is. Therefore, through Kenko Nutri Club, the company wants to do the right thing and introduce the idea of educating people about the advantages of being an Eggetarian.

Making inroads into your kitchen and beyond

For those who aren’t used to buying high protein eggs, shifting to these may seem a bit weird initially, particularly because you aren’t aware of their nutritious value. In fact, these contain all nine essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein), something the body can’t produce on its own. When you choose a Kenko product, you get more vitamins, minerals, and amino acids than most other food products per calorie. This includes Vitamin B12, multiple antioxidants, Protein, Phosphorus, Selenium, Choline, and more. All this makes the products the best egg in Bhubaneswar. In fact, the products have also claimed their fair share of the market in Bengal, and are vying to become the best egg in Kolkata as well.

A community with plenty of benefits!

Welcome to the world of high nutritious eggs. By signing up for the Kenko Nutri Club community, individuals would get access to exciting offers and the latest updates on the Kenko products. So, if you too want to lay hands on exclusive discounts on their range of Kenko eggs, feel free to join the extended Kenko family.


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