Eggs are graded based on their quality and appearance. It is common knowledge that a healthy chicken lays a healthy egg.


Eggs are graded based on their quality and appearance. It is common knowledge that a healthy chicken lays a healthy egg. The whole poultry business is dependent on the production of good quality eggs and chicken, or else the whole enterprise will fail. Hence utmost care is taken to ensure minimal defects and maximized value-adding eggs. 

In poultry farming, there are different groups or ranges of farming, differentiated by the type of barns, type of feed, type of living spaces, and the facilities provided to the flock. This varies from backyard poultry to specialized egg production units.

Does a vegetarian diet affect the quality of eggs?

What these egg poultry farms give as feed to the chicken is one of the primary factors of the quality of the eggs. Egg quality is an overall term that identifies with different guidelines that are forced on the eggs. These norms can be separated into those utilized for deciding the nature of the eggshell itself and those guidelines that identity with the nature of the inside of the egg.

A major problem that affects the thickness of the eggshell is related to the internal blood acid-base status of the bird. This is regulated by the feed it is given because what the hen eats, will affect its internal blood-related factors. 

Hence after much research, it was found that the vegetative feed helps regulate the internal temperature of the birds since this kind of feed helps reduce the internal temperature ensuring that the hens do not pant while breathing. 

Vegetative feed also improves the soundness, cleanliness, shape, and color of the eggshell as a non-vegetative feed cause additional excrement which is not the case in vegetative feed. Since a vegetative feed is not affected by external factors such as pesticides and pathogens, their quality checks are easier. The vegetative feed can also be given to the birds with additives for better health, this is more preferred than the commercial grain feed. 

Vegetative feed ensures lesser microbiological contamination of the egg albumin and yolk. So the interior aspects of the egg do not deteriorate and are full of vitamins and healthy nutrients.

How vegetative feed ensures the highest quality eggs at OVO Farm

At OVO Farm we believe that to attain equality in food, producers need to step forward to challenge the status quo with disruptive technologies. In the poultry production business, we strive to bring our customers hygienic and safe eggs by pioneering technological adoption and following global best practices.  

To make sure that our eggs are of the best quality, we have adopted European practices which are rated as the top in the whole world. We value our flocks with an attitude comparable to that of a farmer. Poultry farming for us is not just a business, it is a way of ensuring the best quality diet for the whole world. 

Our feed is 100% vegetative with the natural vegetable-based mix, no additives, and enriched with natural carotenoids, fiber, and roughage content. This kind of feed aids in better digestion and bowel movement for the flock. The hallmark quality control ensures that none of the birds at our poultry house is in need of any antibiotics. To ensure the safety of the flock, regular fortnightly checks are done and the feed is also sent to labs for routine checks.

Eat a healthy platter of OVO Farm Eggs and you are guaranteed a healthy and nutritious diet every day.


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