Eggs are one of the staple foods that is preferred in most cuisines all around the world. Eggs for nutrition have always been favored by many looking for an improvement in their health and overall well-being. 

Earlier due to non-standard procedures, poultry farming was mostly done as an intensive process. However, with the advent of modern technology and mechanical advantages of the 21st century, fresh farm eggs are today produced more rapidly and with better quality. One poultry farm brand that has taken advantage of the modernization in technology & machinery is OVO Farm.

With the changing times, OVO has constantly evolved from a back-country poultry farm to an expert chicken housing farm with innovative processes and state-of-the-art technology in place. Over the last two decades, OVO Farms have expanded with their fundamental approach towards poultry and maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality.

A standardized approach 

A standardized process is the one in which these factors are tried to mimic with the best practices as much as possible, to maximize the egg production without defects. A standardized process of egg production takes the wellbeing of the fowl as well as the eggs into account which results in lesser defective eggs and makes them nutrient-rich.

OVO Farms specialize in having a standard procedure approach when it comes to their chicken and eggs. OVO Farms provide high-quality varied feed to their fowl which greatly affects the quality of their eggs, improving their nutritional value, freshness, and shelf life. The fresh farm eggs at OVO Farms are very carefully stored and examined before sending them off to the packaging section.

A hygienic approach

Clean and sanitized living quarters help in controlling diseases among the flock thereby increasing the chances of healthy and good quality eggs. OVO Farms take great care to ensure that hygiene is not compromised under their strict European standards of safety and quality. With zero-human touch and fully automated machinery, sanitation is monitored via computers. Controlled ventilation, flock feeding, and automated egg collection keep the flock safe from contamination at OVO Farms. Such advanced technology has also brought OVO recognition from various food safety authorities of the country.

By keeping closed houses for dirt-free eggs and maintaining optimum temperature in the egg storage units, OVO eggs are of better quality keeping the freshness and uniformity intact, as well as increasing the shelf life of these eggs.

Rigorous sanitary control measures and biosecurity measures under European standards are ardently followed at OVO which helps protect the flock from all kinds of contamination or diseases.

The feed and living conditions 

Flock at the egg poultry farms of OVO are fed a high-quality vegetative feed which ensures antibiotic-free farming here. Due to a varied feed, the chickens here are healthy & safe and provide highly nutritious and best quality eggs. OVO Farm eggs are 20% bigger than regular eggs and provide more nutrition than regular eggs. Well-built barns at OVO protect the birds from predation, direct sunlight, rain, excessive wind, heat, and cold. The poultry here is not caged in cramped-up spaces thereby keeping them in a stress-free environment which helps to improve the egg quality. Keeping with the times and its ever-changing circumstances OVO Farm has taken steps to evolve itself into an innovative layer farm to ensure the wellbeing of their flock and keeping them safe and healthy.

Since its inception, OVO has always encouraged its employees to take ownership of their barns and look after the flock as their own. This farmer-like mindset has ensured that the quality of eggs has never gone down making OVO one of the best egg farms in Odisha.

OVO Farm also boasts of well-defined boundaries, an enclosed feeding system, clean drinking water for poultry, appropriate hygiene standards, and a good drainage system as routine measures that make their fresh farm eggs the best.

So the next time you want to buy fresh eggs with packaging gets a healthy platter of OVO Farm Eggs for more nutrition and better health because your family deserves more.


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